Beaumont Specialty Gases for Laboratories and Research

Analytical laboratories require stable, trustworthy carrier gases and calibration mixtures. It doesn’t matter if your Beaumont lab’s Gas Chromatographs make use of ECDs, TCDs, FIDs, or an alternative detector type, the PurityPlus®-accredited labs of Coastal Welding Supply will ensure that all of your needs are taken care of. Our custom calibration mixtures make it possible for Coastal Welding Supply customers in Beaumont to benchmark analytical methodilogies and draw up baselines for both research and product development. Our pure gases and gas mixtures give laboratories accurate standards for dead-on instrument calibration, establishing PurityPlus gases as the most reliable choice for Beaumont labs like yours.

Get hold of us at 800-852-4177 or contact us online to learn more about all the ways we can assist in your laboratory’s research and product development activities. You’ll see immediately why labs in Beaumont have depended on Coastal Welding Supply for so long. It’s our exceptional gases, to be sure. But it’s equally a matter of our professional and exceptional service. We think you’ll be happy with the mix.