Hydrogen Bromide Supplier to Beaumont

Hydrogen Bromide (Br), a colorless, corrosive, irritating, toxic gas shipped in liquid form via cylinders under its own vapor pressure, is yet another benignly useful PurityPlus® specialty gas available to Beaumont clients from Coastal Welding Supply.

This gas results from the direct reaction of high-purity hydrogen with elemental bromine and the carefully regulated reaction of sulfuric acid on certain brominated metals.

Hydrogen Bromide typically has been used for fumigation in agriculture. Lesser quantities are used as a catalyst in pharmaceuticals. Earlier on, it was also widely used in the synthesis of HALON compounds used in fire-suppression systems. That’s because the HALON compounds that result are high-density inert gases that can remove ground-level oxygen to put out a fire in a confined space with only the lightest damage to property. HBr more recently has found use as a stratospheric ozone depleter and, as such, its use as a fumigant has been restricted to circumstances where total recovery looks to be achievable. HALON fire-suppression systems must rely on ready chemical inventories as more environmentally sanctioned alternatives debut.

Higher purities of Hydrogen Bromide are used by the electronics industry in some unique plasma etching processes.

To learn more about PurityPlus® Hydrogen Bromide and its availability in Beaumont, call Coastal Welding Supply at 800-852-4177 or contact us online.