About Coastal Welding Supply, Beaumont Specialty Gas Supplier

Coastal Welding Supply and Coastal Specialty Gas operates under a total service concept geared to partner and provide 100% of your Industrial and Specialty Gas requirements.

Coastal Specialty Gas focuses on the production of Ultra High Purity Gases, Laboratory and Environmental Calibration Standards of all types and compositions. Coastal produces the highest quality calibration gases including complex Hydrocarbon mixtures, Environmental calibration standards, EPA Protocols, HRVOC & CEM daily standards, Air Toxic monitoring, Natural Gas and BTU formulations, Engine Emission Standards, Sulfur Standards and specific mixtures, available in both vapor and liquid blends as well as portable/disposable packages.

Coastal offers Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) complete with order status tracking, portfolio listing of products used for each gas mixture, certificates of analysis, and much more. We utilize RFID transponders and bar codes on all of our cylinders as part of our Coastal AIM asset tracking system, providing customers with total cylinder management to provide cost distribution and reduce the cost of idle cylinders.

Coastal is a member of the North American PurityPlus Quality Assured Laboratories Group, which is a network of 150 independent specialty gas suppliers with over 600 service locations.

Coastals mission is to always provide our customers with the highest quality products and services in a safe, timely, and economical manner, while working together with our customers to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

For information about Coastal's high purity hydrocarbons, refrigerant hydrocarbons, and specialty gases, click here.